The PPC Community Poster

The PPC Community Poster is a 2012 effort to sum up the PPC in a single, mosaic-style image. How successful it was depends on your point of view.


The Poster was assembled by Huinesoron from 54 images (55 if you count the base), using the program AndreaMosaic. The images used were all either donated for this purpose, or freely available online.

Component ImagesEdit

Due to the way AndreaMosaic works, it is impossible to say in advance whether every image will be used. Bulletted items below have been visually confirmed present — although in some cases, only once. The three images which have not yet been confirmed will be mentioned where appropriate.

Current Community MembersEdit

  • Antigone68401
  • Araeph
  • Cassie
  • Constellation
  • Eileen Alphabet
  • firemagic
  • Huinesoron
  • Kaitlyn
  • Lily Winterwood
  • Malakandra
  • Ponystar17
  • Vixenmage

Additionally, Tomash donated a picture, but it has not yet been confirmed to appear in the poster.

Past Community MembersEdit

  • Jay and Acacia (represented by their BoldFont image)
  • Miss Cam (represented by herself, at OFUM)
  • GrayLadyBast (represented by the Most Holy Hat)
  • Thalia Weaver (represented by a Misspelled Monkey from the OFU she founded)

PPC GatheringsEdit

The remaining two Gatherings — York 2008 and Salt Lake 2008 — were put into the mix, but have not yet been confirmed present.

PPC WebsitesEdit


The screenshot of the IRC taken for the Poster, featuring a discussion about taking a screenshot of the IRC for the Poster...

PPC MiscellanyEdit

Easter EggsEdit

It is just conceivable that there might be hidden Easter eggs in the Poster. Most of them are of course impossible to discover at the available resolution...

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