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The PPC Cluedo Board in all its puzzling glory.

PPC Cluedo is, obviously, the PPC version of popular mystery board game Cluedo (known as Clue in North America).

Cluedo is a deduction board game where a man (usually called Mr Boddy or Dr Black) has been murdered in his mansion, and there are six suspects, nine rooms, and six possible murder weapons. The objective of the game is to find out who did it, with what, and in which room. To reach the objective, one must take a leaf from Sherlock Holmes's book and eliminate all the impossible choices before arriving at the truth, by making suggestions and having other players prove or disprove those suggestions by passing cards on which a room, a suspect, or a weapon may be found.

Contrary to what BBC!Sherlock Holmes may say, the victim cannot have done it.

The PPC version of Cluedo, of course, is Cluedo on steroids. There are seventeen suspects, at least twenty murder weapons, and twenty-two rooms. Agents may add to the list of weapons as they see fit, since nearly everything is a weapon in the hands of an insane agent. The suspects are seventeen well-known PPC figures or Heads of Departments (or Mary Sues, in the case of Jaycacia Thornbyrd).



An example of a crime committed.

As mentioned earlier, this list is subject to expansion based on the whims of the players.

  • Unicorn blood
  • Small plastic dinosaurs
  • Revolver
  • Sting
  • Sword
  • Throwing knives
  • Poisoned apple
  • Marley the giant king cobra
  • Selaria spork


PPC Cluedo was first mentioned in "The Other Watson" as the game Agents Eledhwen and Christianne were bickering over as they picked up their intern for the mission.

PPC Cluedo is also apparently the game of choice of Dalek Agent Omicron, who is the "Supreme Cluedo Player" of HQ and will probably continue to be so for quite a while. The other members of the Cluedo circuit at Rudi's are probably irritated by this and want to dethrone him.

Playing the Game[]

The cards and modified rules to PPC Cluedo are available here. The possibility of an internet-based play-by-email game has not yet been discounted...