The PPC Card Game is a (theoretically) collectible card game based around PPC missions; it allows the player to travel from location to location as an Agent and kill Mary Sues, or alternately to move around as a Sue, ensnare canon characters, and kill Agents. We say theoretically collectible, as in practice all the cards are freely available to be printed off on the Internet, regardless of rarity. However, Huinesoron has been known to make ultra-rare Shiny cards on occasion, which are not usually uploaded.


Generation ZeroEdit

Generation Zero is the term used for the original release of the card game. The card design had not yet been finalised (specifically, the rarity markings were not included) and the rules... well, the rules sucked. It was playable, but only barely so.

First GenerationEdit

The First Generation included only the cards from Generation Zero—now updated to the current design—but had a comprehensive set of rules which made it somewhat easier to play. It's still overly-complicated, but that's the PPC for you.

Using First Generation cards, it is only possible to play a complete game in the Lord of the Rings fandom.

Second GenerationEdit

The Second Generation introduced a large number of new cards, but no new rules to speak of. Following its release, the game became playable in the Harry Potter fandom, and marginally so in the "sci-fi" and "anime" collected fandoms.

Third GenerationEdit

The Third Generation gave us sixty-four cards, two new card types, and a comprehensive reworking of the existing rules. The new cards allow crossovers to take place, and Enemies of the PPC to appear on the table (in addition to Mary-Sues). It also introduced the PPC as a playable area, with locations, canon characters and monsters of its own. As predicted on this very site, it also featured a Crashing Down themed deck.

Fourth GenerationEdit

The Fourth Generation expanded on many of the fandoms seen in earlier releases. It also added elements from The Chronicles of Narnia and Discworld. Additionally, a rules update was included with this generation.

Fifth GenerationEdit

The Fifth Generation added a fandom composed of various video games. It also has the lowest number of Sue cards to date (two), probably because Sues are the least interesting part of the PPC's setting.


The PPC Card Game can be found here.

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