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Massively overpowered PPC Sue and Stu.

PPC badfic is exactly what it sounds like: badfic featuring the PPC.

In-universe, some of this was originally caused by the creation of a PPC subsection on FF.net (though in reality, this was simply the framing device for some of the early Badfic Games).

Because of how the PPC operates, these intrusions on the character of the PPC and its agents are usually noticed and dealt with in the most violent and painful manner possible.

This was technically what the DIO was supposed to deal with, but most agents didn't actually know about the DIO. Not to mention they didn't seem to do their jobs particularly often.

Fanfic Land and its successor Fanfic World were created to help deal with PPC badfic, as the last things anyone really wants to deal with (or even think about) are things like Jaycacia Thornbyrd and Flowerslash. The sites' creativity shield ensures that the things posted there do not leak into mainstream PPC continuity.

How to Avoid PPC Badfic[]

The PPC badfic on FfL and FfW was created deliberately to be funny. However, it IS possible to write PPC badfic unwittingly. Here's how not to:

  1. Get Permission. If you don't have Permission, you shouldn't be writing PPC missions.
  2. Know your canon source material. If you haven't read the Original Series, do so. Keep up with major events here on the Wiki and on the Board. Read as many other PPC stories as you can.
  3. Use proper spelling and grammar. Spell-check and/or a beta-reader will help you with these things.
  4. Keep it simple. Your missions do not have to be full of mysterious plot twists and astounding revelations to be interesting. Your agents do not have to be über-powerful or have a lot of big fancy toys to be successful. We're much more interested in agents who are normal people and have to work hard to overcome the inherent disadvantages of their line of work. Even if they are of a non-human species.
  5. Keep it fun. The PPC is about having a good time poking fun at horrible writing. If you're taking yourself/us too seriously, it's not fun anymore, and that's bad.
  6. Ask questions. Let's face it, there's a lot of history behind the PPC now, and it's easy to miss things. So, if you're not sure about something, ask! The people on the Board are there to help. Don't be afraid to ask for advice.

And that's about it.