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Philosopher At Large was involved for several years with the PPC before she, like many oldbies, stopped frequenting the Board and the chatroom. It is she who hosted the PPC Main Contents Page and set up the message board.

Her main site, Odd Lots, was canon-friendly and contained much helpful information on the Lord of the Rings universe. It was hosted at members.bellatlantic.net/~vze3b4pq until March 10, 2003, when it was relaunched at oddlots.digitalspace.net.[1] The PPC hub was subsequently relaunched with its own subdomain on March 12, 2003.[1] Unfortunately, the site went down entirely in 2009. Fortunately, Huinesoron preserved a mirror of the PPC Main Page on his Webplex, and both versions of Odd Lots can still be accessed via the Wayback Machine, like so:

Before Relaunch
After Relaunch


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