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Owain Sato, middle name Taliesin, is one of three children rescued as infants/fetuses from a Torchwood badfic. He and his siblings are written by Zingenmir.


Owain was rescued as a fetus from a Torchwood badfic in 2011, together with his older sister Ruby and his sister Seren. All three were adopted by one of the agents who rescued them. They call her 'Mama'.

While each child shares at least one biological parent with one of the others, none of them share both parents. Owain is the biological son of Ianto Jones and Captain Jack Harkness.

In 2014, Owain (at that point, two years old) attended the Purim party. He dressed up as a hamantasch carrying a basket of hamantaschen, and was involved in a slime war/food fight together with his sister Seren.

In 2017, five-year-old Owain was visited in the Nursery by Agent Jacques Bonnefoy, who serves as a sort of uncle figure to the three. He was practicing his reading.

In 2025, thirteen-year-old Owain is revealed to be doing something which involves memorizing things, specifically things written on scrolls. It's implied he does this often. As this is a Ten Years Hence story, it may or may not turn out to be canon (but if you want Word of Author on the topic, Owain's characterization and penchant for memorization of this sort will remain whether or not the story itself is canon).

The mission report detailing Owain's rescue has not yet been released.