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Otik Horak is the head of the Postal Department, having succeeded the Queen Anne's Lace during the Reorganisation.


Physically, Otik is a seven-foot-tall piece of wood, specifically a stump root, covered in three layers of extremely flammable industrial varnish. Otik's psychic speech carries a thick Czechoslovakian accent and also sounds adolescent. He has two wooden tendrils that he uses like hands.

Despite his name, Otik is not one of the Firstborn. He is based on the Czechoslovakian myth of the Otesánek ("hewn child"), as found in the film Little Otik. In the myth and the film, there is a couple that wishes to have a child, but cannot. The husband, while digging up a tree stump, discovers a root that looks almost exactly like a baby. He cleans it up and takes it home to his wife, who treats it like a real baby. It comes to life and asks to be fed. Although the wife feeds it, she cannot sate its appetite, and it goes on to devour human beings until it is finally killed by an old woman with a hoe.

Fortunately, according to Jay, Otik hasn't eaten anyone in years.