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Otachi Shirogane was a Gary Stu in the Tokyo Mew Mew continuum. He was slain by Agents Chris, Ami Seeker, Miguel Correa and Violet Rose Greenfield.


According to the fic, he was "good at school and smart and cute and very athletic and popular at school and has a great smile." He went to the same school as Ichigo and subsequently replaced Masaya as her object of affection. He then received the genes of the fox and wolf, making him a "folf" "woof woof". He also received part-time work at Café Mew Mew. He went on to make every single girl have a crush on him and possess a terrible fashion sense as well as incredibly bizarre and implausible powers.


Ami charged him with "the following crimes against canon and basic decency: Inserting yourself into the Mew Project, taking the place of the canon character Masaya Aoyama, creating a hybrid animal just so you can be special, to wit, ‘fox-wolf,’ having two animals’ powers at once, temporarily replacing Ichigo Momomiya and causing PPC tech to explode, turning her into the first documented Designated Misandristic Bitch, putting Mint Aizawa out of character, being Ryou Shirogane’s brother, jarring scene changes that probably gave a PPC agent whiplash, combining the original and dub versions of anime canon, cheapening Lettuce’s entire introductory arc by stating her reasons for attacking outright, not to mention somehow already knowing she was behind the disturbances at Okumura, misrepresenting how Mew Mew powers work at least two times…"

Chris charged him with "Writing in English so fundamentally broken I’m surprised we didn’t call in the DTE, creating multiple mini-Chimera Animas and mini-Stus, along with Miki the anthro dog and Macha the ‘cat fairy,’ cruelty to a mini thanks to one of your many malapropisms, shifting into first person and scriptfic, at least two calendar fails, having a fashion sense more akin to Final Fantasy than Tokyo Mew Mew, minor crimes against fashion that resulted in overly-literal imagery and the Stu color ‘rown’, transplanting the character Uchiha Itachi as well as several Pokémon… Murdering an—an innocent Miltank by cutting it in half, temporarily and indirectly killing a canon character—"

Violet charged him with "Having both a motorcycle and a tank while still in middle school, causing a canon break by putting a parasitic alien in your pocket, giving Zakuro Fujiwara an entirely new and entirely impossible backstory, claiming that Mew Lettuce was a demon, putting a dead girl outside Okumura, skipping Pudding’s introduction, messing up the opening narration for the entire series, having evil red mood-ring eyes, and last but not least, royally pissing off PPC agents by being the worst fucking Gary Stu we’ve ever seen."


He was stabbed by Violet, had a spare number 4 created by the fic's bad spelling thrown at him by Chris and finally torn apart by minis created in the fic.