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Agent Oscar Henson, known to his friends as Kermit, is a member of the Department of Bad Slash's newly created MPreg Division. He is written by Trojanhorse Heales-Shadowfax and Paddlebrains.

In appearance Oscar is mostly human, but he is also extremely short. This is due to his origins as an assbaby rescued from a Labyrinth fic: his fathers are Jareth and Hoggle. After being rescued, Oscar grew up in HQ's Nursery, where he is known to have clashed with Marsha. While there, he was trained in, among other things, basic biology, snark, and Sindarin. In October 2008 HST, he graduated from the Nursery, and was assigned to the Division of MPreg. He was initially assigned to Trojie and Pads, who were charged with showing him the ropes, but as of February 2009 HST he has a permanent partner in Iza, a recent transfer from the DMS.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Centre #45

Partnered with Trojie and Pads[]

Partnered with Iza[]