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Now, Agent Cadmar, other than those rules set forth in the Handbook, which I hope you have memorized, I have a series of rules that I invented for my own use. Rule Number One: always address me as Agent Orken.
— Orken, "Dino Hunters"

Orken 7861 is a biologically human, mentally Yeerk agent from the Animorphs continuum. He is currently stationed in the Department of Mary Sues.

Agent Profile[]


Orken 7861 was recruited from a piece of Animorphs badfic on the verge of deletion. He is a postwar Yeerk to human nothlit. In simpler terms, he is as a Yeerk permanently trapped in human morph. He was placed in the Department of Mary Sues, and has been there ever since.

He has gone through two partners in that time, the first having gone insane after a particularly bad mission. Orken was spared due to the wonders of Bleeprin. He was then assigned Thomas Greenwall as his partner. On their first mission together, something referred to as the Plutonium Incident occurred, and their response center bathroom was rendered unusable.

At some point in his recent past (2010), he had a tryst with Luxury.

Four chapters in the Orken and Thomas spinoff deal almost exclusively with Orken and his backstory, including the aforementioned tryst; though Thomas does play an important role in two of them, they are mostly about Orken.


Orken is around six feet tall, and in impeccable shape. He keeps his hair cut low, and his beard is nonexistent. He wears a black button-up shirt, black slacks, and black sneakers. The cactus flash patch adorns his shoulder.


Orken considers himself a very professional individual. In the environment of Headquarters, this is a rather difficult thing to do, and his behavior, despite usually being couched in formal language, is often not as professional as he thinks it is. Most would describe him as up-tight, and he has been known to levy insults against those who annoy him. He is good at hiding his reactions to things, due to the practice he had when he was in control of a human host. Still, even he is incapable of stifling reactions to particularly bad pieces of badfic, and on a few occasions, he has lost his temper. On a more positive note, he does genuinely care about his partner, and has grown to accept that, while reckless, Thomas cares about the job, and is not terrible at it.

He is also insecure about his looks and his status, which often leads him to act arrogantly. His insecurity likely stems from the relatively short time he has spent as a biological human. It may also have something to do with the fact that he is a bit of a coward.

His favorite book is 1984. He has knowledge of many other continua, and cares about them all deeply, although he does his best to appear dispassionate and professional. Anyone who has known him for a long time can see through it.


Despite his partner's insistence otherwise, Orken is not the owner of Winston the Ministry of love (Witmol). Rather, Thomas owns him. While Orken enjoys the company of O'Neil the mini-Unas and Witmol the mini-telescreen, he has no desire to own a mini himself.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Center 16,202,535

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Partnered with Thomas Greenwall[]