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Orion is a new recruit fresh from the mangled paragraphs of a Harry Potter badfic. He was created when said badfic's author accidentally said "David" (his initial name) had been part of the fight against the troll in Harry's first year, but there had never been a David mentioned before or after that scene. He was rescued by Agents Nahinu and Keaton, and, after a period of training with Ian, was partnered with Agents Mal in Bad Slash. Initially they specialized in the Stargate fandoms, but recently the Queen Anne's Lace said that they were more needed in the Freelance Division.


He doesn't have much of a personality at the moment, but is slightly skittish around new people and things he's never encountered. He's also rather hesitant about killing Sues, which is why he asked for a transfer to a department that doesn't have to deal with that.


Orion has rather pale skin, black hair, and grey eyes. He's about 5'8" and rather gangly. He tends to wear the standard black robes of a Harry Potter 'verse wizard out of habit.


For helping in the defense of the International Academy of Hetalia Fanfiction, he has gained the title of Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the Mochi. He is also the proud owner of a white-enameled Maltese Asterisk showing all of the Hetalia Nations in miniature within dark blue rings that bears the words "Marukaite Chikyuu." It currently is kept in a shoebox, since he's not sure what to do with it at the moment.


  • Abe, originally named Lincon in the mission where he was found, is a mini-Abraham Lincoln from the Fallout 'verse. Abe is an exact replica of the United States' sixteenth President, right down to the suit, beard, and top hat, and is described as having a "tiny yet charismatic voice." He prefers fresh fruit and cooked meat over the standard fare of raw bacon.

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