It's not our fault if the Flowers lied to us.
Dafydd Illian, Origins: Unfinished Tales index

Origins is a collection of tales by Huinesoron that deal with the earliest beginnings of the PPC on the world of Origin, including the rise of sapience in the Flowers, the creation of the Organisation which would later become the PPC, the Civil War, and Origin's destruction due to the Cascade. In-universe, the tales are told to an unspecified agent by various Flowers, and due to their unwillingness to part with all their secrets and the fact that the agent is only given an hour to write down everything they do reveal, they may not be one hundred percent reliable.

To muddy the waters of history even further, the most recent incarnation of Origins is not the only one. An earlier version of "Origins: A Summary" and a collection of short stories known as Origins: Unfinished Tales appear in the PPC Handbook, which was current circa 2004. These have been "helpfully" preserved for posterity by Neshomeh as part of the Lost Tales project.

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