The Organisation was founded on Origin by the Sunflower Official, in recognition of the significance of their first stable off-world plothole.[1] It was created with three Departments, each with its own Deputy - the Admin Department under the Marquis de Sod, the Department of Infrastructure under Hornbeam, and the Department of Exploration under Captain Dandy. The SO himself stood as the leader of the Organisation.[1]

The Organisation's initial purpose was to expand both the Flowers' technical knowledge and their reach in space.[1] After their first encounter with a Mary Sue,[2] this mission was pursued by artificially creating as many plotholes as possible. This practice, along with the practice of stabilising and extending the life of natural plotholes, led to tensions with the civilian Garden government of Origin, and ultimately to the outbreak of the Civil War.[3]

The Civil War took place in the 1970's HST, and resulted in the cutting off of the Organisation's Headquarters from Origin.[3] The Sunflower Official used the moment to change the mission of the Organisation, redirecting them towards fighting the Mary Sues[3] and other plothole generators they had discovered.[2] The Organisation was restructured and renamed as the Protectors of the Plot Continuum.[3]

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