Ontic Laison was a senior member of Tinco Division in the Department of Internal Security in the EPC, working to overthrow the Sunflower Emperor. When the minds aof four agents from the prime multiverse were transferred into the bodies of their EPC equivalents, she was able to use acclimate them to their bodies using intellegipeptin, a mirror multiverse substance made to regulate the maladies of the newly Sued. After informing the exiles about the mirror multiverse's way of life, she mobilized Tinco Division to capture the Mind Extractor, a device that Makes-Things had built to switch minds across multiversal boundaries, in order to return the exiles to their original bodies as soon as possible before their counterparts could cause an undue amount of damage.

However, the mirror Dassie Hyrax went behind her back to sabotage the plan, and informed the Tiger Lily about Tinco Division's traitorous activity. Dassie and a small number of Security Dandelions attacked the group of exiles and DIS agents when they were cornered in Makes-Things's lab, planning to execute the traitors and turn the exiles into EPC sleeper agents. A firefight broke out, and Dassie, Ontic, and Nendil Morifëa were mortally wounded.

In his last living moments, Nendil managed to use the Mind Extractor to send his co-conspirator's mind into the body of Wisteria Baggins, a Lord of the Rings Mary Sue that had escaped from the Department of Mary Sue Experiments and Research following loss of power to her stasis pod. The Sue's mind died with Ontic's original body, and the new Ontic was taken into custody by the Department of External Security for debriefing and supervision. She was later seen during the Macrovirus Epidemic, speaking with the Corkscrew Cattail, the Yertis, Captain Dandy, and fellow mirror multiverse native Honesah Hoononee Keemo regarding Honesah's plans to destroy the macroviruses.


  • "In the Mirror" (interlude)
    • Mirror Ontic's first appearance.
  • "Tinco Division" (interlude)
    • Ontic is heavily wounded fighting off Dassie Hyrax and is transferred into the body of Wisteria Baggins.
  • "PPC-HQ, Nouvelle Calédonie" (interlude)
    • Ontic is seen in her new body during the Macrovirus Epidemic, discussing the arrival of the mirror multiverse's Daleks.
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