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Ontic Laison is a member of the Black Cats, a former member of the Department of Internal Security, and onetime enemy of the PPC. She is written by Huinesoron.

She appeared to be one of the more skilled fighters in the DIS, but was still beaten by Mortic Wentway, her former partner, during the Reorganisation. Unfortunately (to most, at least), she escaped with Nendil Morifëa, unintentionally giving away one of the DIS's trump cards early; namely, the portal devices built into their sashes.

During the battle in front of The Tomb of the Unknown PPC Agent, one of the final battles in the Cats' invasion, she was confronted by Steve Dimond and Elanor Laison. Managing to temporarily snap her out of her insanity, they took her to Medical for treatment, surviving attacks by Nendil Morifëa and Blue Photon along the way.

Along with Jasmine Sims, she is one of the only Black Cats known to have survived the invasion. She rejoined the PPC after the invasion, and has for the most part kept to herself since then, though she seems to occasionally visit Rudi's.