You see that glowing orange thing on her arm? That's an omni-tool.

Omni-tools are wrist-mounted multipurpose computers originally from the Mass Effect continuum. They appear as orange holograms encasing the hand and forearm of the user.


Omni-tools have demonstrated the following functions within the Mass Effect continuum:

  • Computer database capabilities
  • Implementation of technologically-based powers
  • Hacking
  • Code decryption
  • Repair of broken computer/electronic systems
  • Playing video games
  • Flashlight

Whether or not all of these abilities can be used outside of the Mass Effect continuum has not yet been discerned by the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology.

As of Mass Effect 3, the omni-tool itself has become weaponized to a greater extent than the first two games in the form of the omni-blade, a silicon-carbide weapon that is flash-forged by the omni-tool that functions as a melee weapon.

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PPC UseEdit

The Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology recently acquired several omni-tools, which they are testing and adapting for use by PPC agents. Attempts to integrate the functionality of a CAD into an omni-tool were unsuccessful as it became obvious that having the often-malfunctioning CAD essentially surrounding the arm of an agent would not end well. Fortunately, the test subject involved was able to receive medical treatment almost immediately.

Agents Xericka and Xanthus Garkaran are currently the only active agents known to use an omni-tool in the field.

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