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Olivine, official name Peridot Facet-2F5L Cut-5XG-2, is a technician in the Department of Sufficiently Advanced Technology. She is written by Iximaz, but is available for borrowing as long as Iximaz gets to look over the bit she appears in first.


Olivine was created to be the uncanon twin sister of Peridot from the Steven Universe series. The agents assigned to her case decided that she wasn't Sueish enough to assassinate and instead recruited her, and she's been working in DoSAT ever since.


Olivine has green skin, pale yellow hair that she usually keeps braided, and a peridot gemstone in the center of her forehead. It is from this gem that she derives her powers. Though she originally looked just like the canon Peridot, she has since reformed her body to look different—she is skinny to the point of looking fragile, and has a rounder, kinder face than her canon counterpart. She is quite short, and usually wears limb enhancers to both boost her height and give her some nifty tools while working in DoSAT.


Peridot Gems in Steven Universe are essentially created to be tech support, and Olivine lives to serve. Since Gems don't need to sleep, she is at her workbench nearly 24/7 and is often heard delighting over unfamiliar bits of technology. Or causing explosions; that's pretty common for her, too.

Olivine is a generally cheerful, sarcasm-blind person, and fondly addresses organic agents as "Squishy". However, being part of a lower caste on her homeworld has caused her to think of quite a few people as 'superior' to her, and she will address anyone she sees as such with much bowing and scraping, followed by a flurry of honorifics.