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The Official Pokémon Fanfiction University, or OPFU, is an OFU run by The Warrior of Many Faces that teaches Pokémon badficcers how to write using liberal amounts of pain.

Distinctive Features[]

This is a very recent OFU, with notable features including:

  • A brother and sister as main characters, where most OFUs use only one main character, the second year of the Official Fanfiction University of Middle-earth excepted.
  • Mini-Missingnos, as opposed to the mini-Rayquazas seen elsewhere (see below).
  • No less than three new colors in the Sue Colour Spectrum (some of which have yet to make a proper appearance).
  • Several branches of the OFU found in the various bases of the criminal teams seen in the canon.

Differences between OPFU and Other Pokémon Universities[]

Aside from OPFU, there have been two other Pokémon fanfiction universities. One of these, the Pokémon Fanfiction University, was unaccountably deleted from fanfiction.net. The other, the Official Fanfiction University of Kanto, took the anime into account, which OPFU does not do; OPFU deals with the gameverse only. As such, the minis of OPFU are Missingnos to distinguish them from the mini-Rayquazas from... um... wherever they're from, and the mini-Deoxyses of the Official Fanfiction University of Kanto.