A quick glance at the object revealed a magazine called PlayAlien. A note on the front revealed it to have been put together by a Mulder-luster, in honour of his birthday. Perhaps she had thought that a blending of his two obsessions would be the perfect gift. Miss Bomull shook her head. Couldn't they have done something a little less mentally scarring?
—Chapter 3: "Krycek, Krychek, Krycheck and PlayAlien"

The OFU serving The X-Files fandom is known as the Official Fanfiction University of the X-Files, or the J. Edgar Hoover University of Fanfiction. (OFUXF for short.) It was co-authored by Rosie Cotton Bomull and NenyaQuende and is incomplete.

Instead of having other students as roommates, each student gets a cyborg programmed to emulate a self-insert they have written, so that they can observe how realistic they managed to write said character.

Non-Canon StaffEdit

Known CoursesEdit

  • "The Annihilation and Torture of Bees" with Professor Cyclone
  • "The Many Uses of Mustard" with Professor Cyclone
  • "Platonic Love" with Alex Krycek
  • "Why Not to Mess With Kick-Ass Redheads" with Dana Scully

Campus ActivitiesEdit

  • the Happy FBI Bookstore and Souvenir Shoppe (run by Miss Gabriel)
  • Minions of Agent Scully (student group)
  • Order of the Sunflower (student group dedicated to Fox Mulder)
  • FBI Agents In (Red) Speedos (canon staff only)

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