OFUCI stands for the Official Fanfiction University of the Caribbean Islands. It is the OFU for the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom. (Why isn't it just called the Official Fanfiction University of the Caribbean? Look again at that acronym.)

Characteristics Edit

OFUCI starred Headmistress Mercuria and Supreme Dictatress Thalia Weaver as the strict enforcers of canon. It followed the standard OFU plotline of fangirls learning through pain. A variation on this theme was the appearance of the Misspelled Monkeys, who are not only not "mini-monkeys," but are so vicious that they will attack anyone if they get angry enough.

The Fate of OFUCI Edit

OFUCI has been, unhappily, removed from the Pit, and as its authors did not keep a back-up copy, it is lost forever. Its only surviving fragment can be found here. Will there someday be another PotC OFU?

In fact, as of 2007, there is "The Official Fanfiction University of the Caribbean" and its sequel by SirenoftheStorm. It is not connected to the original OFUCI and doesn't seem to mind about the acronym.

Visits to OFUCI Edit

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