The Official Fanfiction University of Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle (OFUTRC) is an OFU staffed by the canon characters of said manga/anime series. They are led by Miss Cass and Miss Angel, who cheerfully play good cop, bad cop. The Heads are the mysterious CLAMP, an acronym which nobody has yet discovered the meaning of.

OFUTRC is written by Cassie Cameron-Young and Oozaru Angel.

The university is set in Clow Castle, in Clow country. Here, the canon characters teach the unwilling, lusting and slashing students the rudiments of decent fanfiction writing, and in some cases, just decent writing. The staff have enthusiastically embraced the concept of Learning Through Pain.

The minis for this OFU are mini-kiji – kiji being demons from a province that the main characters pass through during the course of the story. Like most other minis, kiji are highly fond of bacon and will even willingly attack the students for it.

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