What do you mean, Fire Emblem Seven? There’s only one Fire Emblem game! Everyone knows that!
—Future OFURNK student Bunny, chapter 1

The Official Fanfiction University of Rekka no Ken, or OFURNK, is an OFU written by Vyctori. It deals specifically with the seventh installment of the Fire Emblem series, Rekka no Ken. The original posting was deleted from the Pit, but some rough drafts still survive.

OFURNK has its own spin-off, the Official Mini-Dragon University of Rekka no Ken, or OMDURNK, written by OFURNK fan Traek. It is a training ground for the resident mini-dragons.


"Yes, the minis seem to be quite enthusiastic about bringing back whatever bits and pieces they can. One of our first items was a mostly-intact drawing of a half-naked Eliwood, bagged by Lucias."


The campus is either in Castle Caelin or in another, nearby castle. The course coordinator is Miss V. In addition to the usual OFU course material, students are also taught the skills of the fighting class they wrote down on their application. Despite the Tactician being a legitimate character in Rekka no Ken, he/she/it is strangely absent from OFURNK. Agents Echo Kazul and Kat Daydream make cameos in Lyn's Mary Sue class to judge and critique students' OCs. Agent Echo claims to be the "twin" of OFURNK's hospital supervisor, Miss Kazul, though it's unknown if this is literal or just a joke on their similar appearances (both being avatars of author!Echo).


This school was created when the student Bunny misspelled her school's name "OFURGK," creating a "mini-school," or rather, a school for minis. Because she claimed to be "heer at OFURGK," Bunny was transformed into a mini-dragon, as well.



PPC CameosEdit

Several fans of OFURNK, as well as Vyctori herself, had cameo appearances in Echo Kazul's spin-off. While the agents may not be the same characters as those appearing in OFURNK, they are listed here to show the connections between the OFU and the spin-off.

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