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The Official Fanfiction University of Redwall (OFUR), run by Miss Minty and Mister Kit (a wolverine and fox, respectively), teaches fanbrats, in the spirit of all fanfiction universities, how to write goodfic and to obey the laws of canon. This is done specifically focusing on the Redwall universe.

Most learning is done through pain. Pain, as it turns out, is a good teacher.

OFUR is written by Laburnum and kitsune106.

As well as the mini population (in this case mini-Deepcoilers – the Deepcoiler being a lake monster similar to the Real World's Nessie), the OFUR includes other concepts spawned from errors. The most noticeable is "Girl Killconey," also known as "Konnie"; the ferret character Killconey, who was supposed to be male according to the original author Brian Jacques, spawned a female clone thanks to a misprinted edition of the canon book Redwall calling him a "she." The minis are assisted by the Stouts and Hairs, produced from repeated misspellings of "stoats" and "hares." Stouts are small fat mustelids which smell of beer, and Hairs are walking hairballs with rabbit ears. The library is called the "Readwall," a single wall of bookshelves shaped like a very long spiral, and the "Red Wall" is situated somewhere in the grounds.

The Hedgehog Song is officially forbidden within the OFUR dimension.