The Official Fanfiction University of Halo (OFUH) is run by Adrian Fitzegerald, a telepathic ODST (Orbital Drop Shock Trooper), and Sona 'Demal, a Sangheili Fleet Master. The University has just been founded, so the coordinators are still getting used to their new occupations.

The adventures within the University are being recorded by Maslab and Xij29y6.

Badfic writers of the Halo universe are taught through a long course of military boot camp where the instructors have no problem shooting at the "trainees." The Spartans, especially, see their jobs as a waste of their time.

Among the population of the University are characters created by Bungie and the Halo book authors. These include characters from Marathon, another game by Bungie, and from Eric Nylund's books.

The minis in the Halo universe are mini-Hunters (Mgalekgolo). They guard the staff of OFUH and attempt to help them keep their sanity. The results have proven mixed, as supersoldiers with hyper-reflexes, super-strength, and advanced powered armor do not respond well to half a dozen small Hunters running into their rooms.

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