"Also, anyone who even thinks the word 'Galby'—" He said it as if it burned his toungue "—will be dangled over the pit of dragonling spawning by Shruikan and forced to watch them breed."
—Galbatorix, OFUA ch. 2, "Of Fangirls and Dragonlings"

The Official Fanfiction University of Alagaësia (OFUA) is the fanfiction university that educates writers in The Inheritance Cycle fandom. It was written by Evil Bob. The school's color seems to be "antiblue," the result of misusing the color of the ocean as a variant of blue. The school's jumpsuit uniform is antiblue.

Students who identify themselves as elves on their registration forms are given only the physical traits of Inheritance elves, and none of the magical ability. Also, students who claim to have dragons are saddled with one of the local minis, the dragonlings, rather than the real thing. The student will receive one of their own misspelling spawns, if applicable. The dragonling will be the color the student wrote down as their favorite, often leading to coloration from the Sue Colour Spectrum. A soccer game is played daily by the dragonlings; a student is used as the ball.

The geography of OFUA is unclear. It seems to have aspects of a modern school transplanted into a generic medieval setting, with nonfunctional drinking fountain sculptures and tapestries with patterns that mimic bulletin boards. Most of the dragonlings seem to live in a "spawning pit" that is locked off from the rest of the school.

Agents Vemi Fincaran and Jicky are known to have attended the 2004-2005 school year.

Non-Canon StaffEdit

The course coordinator is Evil Bob. Nearly all the rest of the staff are alter-egos of Evil Bob, only distinguishable by patches on their chests. According to the dragonling Aria, all the Bobs have basically the same job: student punishment. They each have a different name for it to disguise this fact. The only one named is Sadistic Bob, in charge of cruel and unusual punishment.

The only non-Bob member of the non-canon staff is Leumas, who handles student relations.

Known CoursesEdit

  • "Basic Weapon Skills" with Brom
  • "Canon Is Not Artillery" with Murtagh
  • "Evil Is as Evil Does" with Galbatorix
  • "Why Dragonriders Are Not a Dime a Dozen" with Eragon and Morzan
  • "Write About Me or I'll Claw You" with Solembum

Additionally, the canon dragon Shruikan trains the dragonlings at being evil.


"The Official Fanfiction University of Alagaësia"
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