The Official Fanfiction Academy of Starfleet (OFAS), written by hermione of vulcan, is the OFU for Star Trek, specifically TOS, TNG, and Voyager. Its course coordinators are Miss Gloria and Miss Maria. It is incomplete and on permanent hiatus.

The academy was established on a Generic M-Class Planet by Q. The course coordinators and captains have only such power as Q allows them, and he is liable to go over their heads and do what he pleases, which invariably causes mayhem.

While Star Trek minis are officially mini-Tribbles, when mini-Tribbles enter OFAS, Q transforms them into mini-Gorn, which are better at fanbrat control.

In contrast to other OFUs, most of the teachers are not obviously cruel—until you provoke them, by stampeding, drooling, breaking canon, etc. This is due to Star Trek's tendency to resort to force only once diplomacy fails. (Then, of course, do not underestimate them.)

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