Nyx Nightingale was a member of the Department of Mary Sues. After a brief, involuntary period with the Department of Internal Security, she was instrumental in bringing about the Reorganisation, but had to flee the PPC and operated independently until the end of the Black Cats' invasion, when she returned to the PPC with Tango Dioxide and Dassie Hyrax. At some point in 2008, she wrote a poem called "Lofty Skies." She is written by Huinesoron.

Agent History Edit

Recruitment Edit

Nyx was born in the small town of Drabiv in central Ukraine, probably sometime around the turn of the 20th century AD (although it may have been much later). She was working in a local shop at the time of her recruitment to the PPC, which took place in 1989 HST.

Early Career Edit

Little is known about the beginning of Nyx's career with the PPC, although she can be presumed to have played a role in the Lofty Skies insanity.

Reorganisation Edit

Prior to the Reorganisation in 1999 HST, Nyx was partnered with Agent Jared Calinson. By request of the Sunflower Official, she visited DIS Central, but was press-ganged into the Department of Internal Security. Here she befriended Dassie Hyrax, and was eventually instrumental in the overthrow of the Mysterious Somebody and the DIS. Fearing persecution by other agents, she and Dassie fled Headquarters.

Exile Edit


Agent Nyx Nightingale

Nyx's movements during her seven-year exile from the PPC are not known in great detail. During the first part she was busy caring for the critically injured Dassie. Later, the two were occupied with fleeing from the Black Cats; they did, however, find time for almost a year's respite in the Star Wars universe before they were tracked down by Mkellin. During this time, they apparently had a daughter named Tia. When they were forced to flee the continuum, Tia was left with Treak, a retired Spy and friend of Dassie's.

Crashing Down Edit

During the Crashing Down crisis, Nyx and Dassie were encountered by Kayleigh Leonard, whose partner, Salamander, they were caring for. The pair returned to HQ to fight the DIS, and chose to return to the PPC afterwards. She has since appeared in the Halloween Co-Write.

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