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NytBloomer is a PPC agent in the Department of Floaters. She is "partnered" with Judy, her golden retriever guide dog, who has the powers of sentience, speech, and sarcasm thanks to their home fic. She bears the same name as her author.

NytBloomer was recruited by Agents Robyn and Ranger from a Harry Potter badfic in which she was a self-insert guilty of various minor charges. She agreed to leave the fic and join the PPC instead.

She was ostensibly assigned to the Department of Multiple Offenses, but she refers to its agents as "floaters," describes a water-lily as the emblem, and receives a mission for the Department of Bad Parody. All of this is rather suggestive of the Department of Floaters. Since she also refers to a "Crisis Response Center" in place of a response center, "portal key" in place of remote activator, "Offense Detector" in place of CAD, and something called the "Observation Zone" for watching badfic, her account may not be entirely reliable.

Mission Reports

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