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A nymph is one of several kinds of nature spirit or minor deity associated with a particular location or landform. Nymphs originally hail from Greek mythology, but some kinds also appear in fantasy continua, including The Chronicles of Narnia, Dungeons & Dragons, Discworld, World of Warcraft, and others.

Eternally young and beautiful, they are a frequent target for Sueification, in which their more unpleasant characteristics—such as jealousy and instant death should their home be destroyed—are left by the wayside.

Notably, no nymphs of any sort appear in Middle-earth, despite what Mary Sues will claim. Ents, as tree-people, may be similar to dryads, but they have distinct characteristics that set them apart.

Types of Nymph[]

Dryads are wood nymphs. They are often described as being bound to a specific tree, and when that tree is hurt, they are also hurt. Sometimes, they are the spirit or soul of that tree, taking a humanoid form to deal with mortals.
Naiads are river nymphs, bound to a particular river or stream. If it dries up, they die.

Nymphs in the PPC[]

Notable Nymph Sues[]

  • Palan was a blue-haired, lavender-eyed nymph Stu who distinguished himself by being Legolas' slave in defiance of all Elvish custom, and by having large, silver wings—not a standard trait of nymphs. He was stabbed in the back by Agent Joe while Agent Meneltari distracted him. Joe took the wings as souvenirs.