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Agent-Trainee Nova Greene is an assassin recruit with the Department of Mary Sues, in the Lord of the Rings Division.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Nova is a short, human female with long, red-brown hair that she tries to keep in a braid down her back. She wears a black jumpsuit over a blue shirt and carries her staff around at all times.

Personality Edit

Nova is a smart-aleck and enjoys snarkiness. She gets particularly annoyed by assaults on culture and misogyny masquerading as grrlpower. She has a tendency to swear a lot. Nova is notably claustrophobic, a disadvantage when dealing with Headquarters. She is slightly ADD and jumps at loud noises.

History Edit

Nova was recruited to the PPC in early 2005 from the Internet. She was sort of assigned to a partner, Tatharien, and sent off into a fic called "Kate and Haldir." They have yet to emerge from it bearing a mission report, but the computers show that they are yet alive inside the 70-page monstrosity.

Mission Reports Edit

Homes: Response Centre 19 (link broken) and Tasari's LiveJournal.

Partnered With TatharienEdit

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