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The Non-Propaganda Communications Division is a branch of the Postal Department headed by the Shallot. Its role is to produce an officially sanctioned counterpart to the Multiverse Monitor. Its staff are called NPCs (not to be confused with the other sort, probably).

Its flash patch, according to the Shallot, is a Wonderful Curve representing Free-Flowing Thinking in the shape of a C for "Communications" with Dots representing Thinking Outside the Box. Everyone else knows it's a tea stain.

The division was created by Scapegrace.


The Non-Propaganda Communications Division is situated in a fairly out-of-the-way corner of HQ, even by the standards of HQ’s innumerable corners and ways of which they can be thoroughly out. The space is a converted storage warehouse with the desks and workspaces mounted on enormous shelving units, designed to hold the cargoes of enormous starships; indeed, the walls of the meeting space are stacked crates of economy-size tins of Tesco Value spaghetti hoops. The flooring is slabs of Generic Surface mounted on pallets. It also has beanbag chairs.


In the grand tradition of departments and divisions being formed just to placate an annoyingly persistent (or persistently annoying) individual, the NPC Division was created in early 2018 by the Board of Department Heads in order to get the Shallot out of their aerial parts. It also provided a convenient and relatively harmless place to transfer a few difficult cases from other departments.

Known Staff[]

  • Albert W. Sproggins, First Technician - Editor and Staff Writer
  • Bogbrush, Second Technician - Online Presence and Social Media Manager
  • Karen Shawcross, Technical Consultant - Staff Writer

Division Records[]

Records from this division are listed on the Complete List of PPC Fiction, Non-Propaganda Communications Division.