Nocopy is basically the state of a website that doesn't allow the copying and pasting of text. While the Pit had copyable text for a long time, it gained nocopy in October 2013. The newcomer badfic source, the Circle of Lemmings, also disables copy-pasting by anyone but the user who created that particular post.

Because PPC missions (not to mention MSTs, and any other review or spork that wants to quote the original story) need to quote a badfic by necessity, this makes a PPCer's work difficult.

Or rather, would have made our work difficult, if not for some intrepid Boarders who developed work-arounds.

Source Code Method Edit


Peering into the page's source.

On her blog, Lily Winterwood shares a way to find a copyable copy of a story by accessing the source code. The password is "circleoflemmings" (no quotation marks):

This has been tested specifically with Google Chrome, but other browsers with a "view source" option should work as well.

JavaScript Add-On Edit

Ellipsis Flood created a bit of coding magic to cancel out a page's nocopy status with a press of a button in the favorites bar.

  • The code: javascript:%20(function()%20{$('.nocopy').removeClass('nocopy').parent().css({'-moz-user-select':'auto','-webkit-user-select':'auto','user-select':'auto'})})()

This one is designed specifically for Firefox and also works on Chrome. It might work on other browsers, too.

Firefox Add-On Edit

If you're using Firefox as your browser, you can get an add-on called RightToClick. It works for the Pit with default settings, and you can get it to work for the Circle by enabling the advanced option "Disable CSS styles". Disabling CSS will make the page look broken, but you'll be able to copy & paste the text.

Up-to-date Firefox versions also have a "Reader View" feature that will convert any page with more than one thousand letters into plain text.

Pit of Voles Mobile Loophole Edit

The mobile version of FFN still has copyable text. This loophole can be easily exploited by people doing Pit missions, as it doesn't involve complex amounts of scrolling through source code. 

To see the mobile version of a given FFN story, simply:

  • Take a URL.
  • Delete the 'www.' part.
  • Replace the 'www.' part with with 'm.', so you get '[the rest of the URL]'.

On small mobile devices, FFN immediately becomes the mobile site. If you aren't sure how to change the URL on your larger device's web browser, open the fic on that and send yourself the link. 

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