The No-Drool Videos are films that the Flowers use to correct agents who lust excessively after canon characters.[1] They have also been used to punish agents for acting out inappropriately (e.g. assimilating a canon character, slicing up background monsters),[2] and to condition recruits with Sueish tendencies.[3]

They are found in FicPsych's Room B9, also known as the Multimedia Anti-Salivation Division.[1] Their content is only hinted at, although Maeluiwen,[1][2] the Librarian of Unseen University,[1][2][3] Jabba the Hutt,[3] Davros,[source, please!] and Katisha (a "huge and incredibly ugly witch-like old woman"[4] from a Mikado badfic)[2][3] have all been mentioned. Although not in the same scene; driving agents completely insane is not the purpose of these videos.

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