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Nin Brandt is an oldbie and a longtime participant on the PPC Message Board. She shares her name with her avatar agent. Her main fandom was Lord of the Rings.

Agent Profile[]

Agent Nin Brandt hails from the small town of Cloven Valley, Arkansas. She's obsessed with the House of Fëanor—especially Maedhros—but insists that she is incapable of lusting after them.

She was in charge of the Silmarillion Section of the Department of Character Protective Services following her evaluation by Agent Darius. Her partner was Pablo Delores. They worked out of response center #81.

She has since gone into lurkerdom, but reappeared to help PPC That Series. She and Agent Luxury impaled "Of Warlords and Pleasures" with their rapier wit.

Mission Reports[]

Home: Response Center 81

Partnered with Pablo Delores[]

Partnered with Luxury[]