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Agent Neshomeh is an archivist who keeps track of an assortment of PPC personnel, including Agents Supernumerary and Ilraen-Aroline-Fothergill of the DIC, Derik, Earwig, and Gall of the DMS, and several members of the Department of Fictional Psychology, particularly Nurse Jennifer Robinson.

She originally joined up to be an assassin, but quickly realized it didn't suit her at all.

She is similar but not equal to Boarder!Neshomeh, her writer, though the line between blurs at times.

Character Profile[]


Neshomeh is brown-eyed, brown-haired, bespectacled, and long-limbed. She tends to wear jeans and a t-shirt when it's warm or jeans and a soft fuzzy sweater when it's cold. She is often seen with a mug of tea in hand.


Neshomeh is interested in just about everything. More of a listener than a talker, she prefers to sit back and soak up all the information she can before getting involved in any conversation, but may get distracted by her own random train of thought along the way. She enjoys anything to do with language and stories, including reading, writing, and role-playing. She wants to write fantasy and science fiction books eventually. She also loves tea, chocolate, and cats.

She takes time to warm up to people, but with her friends she relaxes and lets her silly side loose. She has even been known to chase shiny things. However, she takes the English language seriously and won't tolerate bad spelling, punctuation, grammar, or logic. She has perfectionist tendencies when it comes to her own work and eagerly invites constructive criticism.

Character History[]

Neshomeh attended the Hogwarts Fanfiction Academy as a student in the 2002–2003 term (concurrent with her senior year of high school) and returned as a member of the Order of the Sphinx for the 2003–2004 term.

She joined the PPC as an agent of the Department of Mary Sues in 2004. After struggling to find a partner, she finally was assigned temporarily on one mission with Dafydd Illian and Alec Troven to the newly opened Dragonriders of Pern continuum and promptly realized that she wasn't really cut out to be an assassin. She transferred to the Department of Personnel, where she has been happy as an archivist ever since.

In the meantime, she completed her undergraduate studies and, as of April 18, 2009, is proud of her shiny Bachelor of Arts degree in English. She is also proud of her shiny engagement ring, which she received on the day she graduated, and her shiny wedding ring, which she got on August 6, 2011. She is married to Phobos, who she met at college and dragged into the PPC by virtue of not shutting up about it.

She is owned by a mini-Budong called Chrichton. Since he is the result of a persistent misspelling in her own early fic, she will probably never get rid of him. Fortunately, he now has a companion in a tiny version of Aeryn Sun, one of the "Austrailiens" spawned in "Secret Agents" and rescued by Ilraen.

She was owned by a mini-Balrog, Arasgorn, and a mini-Aragog, Severe. Then she moved, and the two stayed behind in RC 1110. They are now the problem of Agents Derik and Gall (but mostly Derik).


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