Agent Nenya Gabriel and her partner, Agent Rosie Cotton Bomull, are featured in The JAAKSONS. They PPC in the Department of Multiple Offenses. Nenya is described as being short-ish, with dark red hair, blue eyes, and thick glasses. Her authors are NenyaQuende and Rosie.

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Nenya has a mini-Balrog named Glorfindal and is a member of SNAOL. She took part in Agent Miiro's Sue Smiting Ceremony. Among her notable accomplishments are: a) escaping from a story undergoing the process of deletion, b) actually recovering her mind with the assistance of FicPsych, and c) surviving a stint of No-Drool videos featuring Maeluiwen (she never drooled over Glorfindel again).

Nenya serves as Miss Gabriel at the Official Fanfiction University of the X-Files, where she runs the Happy FBI Bookstore and Souvenir Shoppe. She often spies on student activities by disguising herself as one.

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