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NenyaQuende was one of the original Boarders, as evidenced by the fact that she signed the original PPC Constitution when it was still open for signing. She participated regularly for a couple of years c. 2003-2004, a long time by PPCer standards.

NenyaQuende was granted Permission Giver status by Greyladybast upon the latter's retirement from PPC work.


NenyaQuende co-authored a spin-off, the JAAKSONS, with Rosie Cotton Bomull. As Agent Nenya, she slew Sues for the Department of Multiple Offenses. She is also the creator of Agent Quen, the PPC Secretary, and a fair number of FicPsych's personnel. Quen appears in many Department of Technical Errors mission logs as the girlfriend of Agent Isaiah. FicPsych and its people have since been written about mainly by Neshomeh.

Elsewhere in the PPC

NenyaQuende is the author of the famous PPC Handbook, which contains the original Smiting Ceremony, the Sue Scalp Belt, photos of the Flowers That Be, PPC initiation rites, and several charge lists.

In Fandom

NenyaQuende has written several canon-friendly fanfics in the LotR fandom, as well as the X-Files OFU. Unfortunately, they disappeared when Geocities shut down, but are still available with the Wayback Machine.

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