Agent Nendil Morifëa was a member of Tinco Division in the EPC's DIS. He pretended to arrest TawakiTadkeetaKedri'Neref, and Tangara in order to take them to the Tinco Division HQ, in an isolated part of the mirror DIS Central. Once there, he revealed the division's other members to convince the four exiled agents to offer support for Tinco's overall purpose: working against the Sunflower Emperor from within the EPC. Nendil arranged for the Mind Extractor to take the PPC agents back to their own multiverse, but was forced to destroy it after Tinco's activities were revealed by the mirror Dassie Hyrax.

Though many members of Tinco Division managed to escape the Tiger Lily's wrath by fleeing HQ, Nendil was killed by a group of Security Dandelions shortly after destroying the Mind Extractor. Before his death, he managed to use the machine's last energies to send the mind of the wounded mirror Ontic to the prime multiverse as well, and sent Dassie's into the body of the dying mirror Tangara.


  • "In the Mirror" (interlude)
    • Mirror Nendil's first appearance.
  • "Tinco Division" (interlude)
    • Nendil aids in the conspiracy against the EPC and sends the PPC agents back to their multiverse.
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