Nea Forrest was an intern who trained on several missions with Agents Ekwy and Milano in the Harry Potter Division of the Department of Mary Sues. She has not actually killed any Sues.

Agent Profile Edit

Personality Edit

In fanfiction, Nea most despises Mary Sues, especially those that mess with Draco Malfoy. She likes boys, art and games, and her least favorite HP character is Umbridge, or possibly Hermione.

Skills Edit

Nea rates herself as follows:

  • Technical skills: *** I'm eager to learn, though...
  • Magical skills: ** Better than Ekwy, but then, that doesn't take much...
  • Canon knowledge: ** I manage.
  • Bleeprin usage: ** Only when absolutely necessary.

History Edit


Nea's later partner and love interest, Loki.

Nea was assigned to Ekwy and Milano in 2003. The three of them went on four missions together before Nea passed her initiation and got a partner (Loki) and a response center (#696) of her own.

She also helped exorcise Alumia from Arda.

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The missions have been archived on the PPC LiveJournal Community. The original site can be viewed via the Wayback Machine.

Partnered with Ekwy Fields and Milano Cricket Edit

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