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Agent Navare is a Nanoha-verse mage serving in the All-Purpose Department, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Division.

Agent Profile[]


Navare is tall, with teal hair and brown eyes. He sports a short goatee and a vertical scar on his right eye. He tends to wear a black version of the Ground Armament Service uniform — black trousers, black double-breasted jacket over a white shirt with a teal tie and the APD Swiss army knife Flash Patch sewn to a sleeve and a pair of formal shoes — when in HQ and his Barrier Jacket — a slightly darker and spikier version of the above — when in the field.


Navare is a professional soldier, first and foremost; he always has the mission in his mind, and is not very forthcoming with his feelings. That said, he does have a dry sense of humour.


Originally a bit from Evil!TSAB, AKA STAB, whose sole purpose was to be captured by the Sue's Army of Speshulness, Navare was recruited[1] by the agents sent to take down Nova. He was given memory and skill implants appropriate to a Nanoha-verse mage, but something went haywire; his memories from the fic remain in his head, albeit barely, and he was attuned to a goodfic AU of MGLN instead of the proper canon. Having wriggled his way out of an ESAS position, Navare was sent to the APD, where he and his partner comprise the MGLN division.

Mission Logs[]

ID: front, back (thanks to Neshomeh).

Partnered with Amris[]