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Nathan is a PPC agent from the real world. He seems to have some experience with the PPC.

Agent Profile[]


Not much is known about Nathan's life before the PPC. He doesn't seem to have much attachment to it, since he was really eager to join. Before he became Ellipsia's partner, was partnered with Agent Arthur. There's not much known about Arthur, except that he liked weird Japanese things. He jumped off the deep end and went AWOL during the mission in what Nathan describes as "the 'My Immortal' of WoW."

This resulted in Nathan shutting himself in in his RC, being taken off duty temporarily. Luxury, however, managed to get his mood up a bit again. (Nothing else. Get your mind out of the gutter.)


Nathan is one of the more serious agents. He tries to go by the rules and ignore the funny, which makes him an easy target for the Ironic Overpower. Also, he prefers tech over magic because the latter often lacks logic. This might be the reason why he is teamed up with Ellipsia.

His major weak point so far is the sound of polystyrene being crushed.

Mission Reports[]

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Older missions also located here.

Partnered with Luxury[]

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