Agent Nate is an assassin in the Department of Mary Sues. He was partnered with Mackenzie, and briefly with Chase Lopes when Mackenzie was sick. He was written by Gabrielle. Nate was on a mission as an elf in Rivendell for the Bad Slash department when he encountered Glorfindel, who apparently wears knives strapped to his ankles even when he's currently engaging in slashy activities with Elrond. Nate was killed in the encounter, but Nàmo agreed to return him to HQ under two conditions: he lacks a body, though he can use the disguise generator to create one; and he's stuck at PPC HQ for the rest of eternity.

Nate eventually managed to get his body back as a reward for completing a mission particularly quickly.

Mission Reports Edit

Home: Just Like The Old Days

Partnered with Mackenzie Edit

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