Natasha is an agent written by ShatteredSanity. She is partnered with Sylvia.

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Natasha is from World One, and grew up with a normal family. She went to an art collage and studied digital and fine arts. She also has a gaming addiction compulsion hobby.

Natasha started to get interested in fanfiction thanks to TV Tropes' recommendations. She then discovered "My Immortal." Finding the badness of it hilarious, she continued to search for terrible works, until she ran across a particularly glittery Sue. She found this Sue to have the horrifying nature that all Sues possess.

Needing to share the horror she found, Natasha ran into a comic book store, and started telling the people there about it. One of the people she told was an agent of the PPC, and asked her if she wanted to join. She did, and here she is.


Natasha is the kind of person who thinks that everyone should be nice to everyone else, and doesn't understand when someone isn't. She's hyper-sensitive about her relations with people, leading her to act a bit clingy towards others. Natasha is usually anxious about something, and tends to doubt herself in situations that require decisions to be made.

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