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Lieutenant junior grade Natalie Green is a recruit from a Star Trek badfic. She helped Agents Tawaki and Melpomene find the Key to Canon segments. She was mortally wounded fighting a Mary Sue, and was turned into a Time Lady so she could regenerate.

Natalie was created by Tawaki. As of March 27, 2021, she belongs to Kittyauthor.[1]


Natalie I[]

The first Natalie had colorless hair, pale eyes, and hardly any personality. She was a science officer on the starship Voyager until being recruited by the PPC.

Natalie II[]

Second Natalie, dressed comfortably.

The second Natalie is taller, with red hair and brown eyes. She wears a Voyager security uniform. She is very sarcastic, especially when facing badfic. In 2018, she met with the Continuity Council of Gallifrey-in-Exile.[2]

Mission Reports[]

Home: Tawaki's LiveJournal


Partnered with Tawaki and Melpomene[]


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