Natalie Carlman is a female human agent in the DMS created by Silenthunder.

Agent Profile Edit

Appearance Edit

Natalie is a fair-skinned 17-year-old girl with layered, curly dark brown hair that ends just above the base of her neck. She has brown eyes and is nearsighted, therefore having a need for thick-rimmed, thick-lensed glasses to see properly. Her height is 5 feet 3 inches. She is shorter than her partner Za'kiir, which is something he sometimes teases her with, but she has mostly gotten used to it.

Casual long-sleeved shirts and jeans – or long pants of any other kind – are her usual style, and she is very likely to be seen with a sweater, jacket, or coat on wherever she is due to the fact that she gets cold easily. She has a pair of blue-white tennis shoes that have seen better days, but she hasn't been able to give them up for good yet.

Personality Edit

Natalie is friendly to new people, and tends to be quite the extrovert. She prides herself on being able to remember certain details about her favorite fandoms, and will often put her ability to remember vast quantities of information to good use. As friendly as she is, however, her mood can change quickly for the worse if she is provoked, thus leading to common scenarios in missions where her anger will range from muttered death threats to open shouting at Mary Sues that annoy her, as they so often do. She will also become angry if her friends are teased or belittled, as well as when she feels she is being manipulated or used.

Natalie is a bookworm, and cherishes the rare moments where she is able to cuddle up with a good book. She also enjoys games like Twenty Questions. She has a liking for Bleepolate and chooses that as a snack while on missions and in HQ.

She has intense arachnophobia and acrophobia. She also has a strong dislike for cold weather and gender-swapped Sues. She used to be homophobic, but after reading House of Hades she realized that she did not have to and she could still like people regardless of their orientation, though she still believes anything other than the straight orientation to be wrong.

Due to always wanting to be prepared, she has a blue satchel that hangs on a hook in the wall of Response Center 2398. In it are the usual tools for a mission that would be too many to simply carry by hand. These usually include: food and drink, exorcism tools, Natalie's Muggle-use wand, and any other necessary items. The satchel has been dubbed "The Blue Bag of Badfic Breaking" AKA "The Four B Bag" for short.

Natalie secretly dreams of being able to practice with a lightsaber someday.

Skills Edit

Inspired by the use of the weapon in the Redwall series installment The Long Patrol, Natalie chose the dirk, a dagger with a longer blade primarily used for thrusting, and it is a weapon she has grown skilled in the use of. She also owns a Muggle-use wand (only for use during missions that take place in the Harry Potter continuum), which she is doing her best to have fully equipped with every spell allowed.

When it comes to taking Sues down, she prefers to use logic against them when she can. Her interest in learning as much as she can about her favorite fandoms usually makes her more knowledgeable than her partner about most of the fandoms they venture into.

Agent History Edit

Background Edit

Natalie Carlman is from World One, AKA Earth, a citizen of Minnesota in the United States of America specifically. She grew up with an insatiable desire for reading and writing. Her first piece of fanfiction unfortunately starred a character that she later recognized as an Angst!Sue, and she knows that she will most likely have to spork her own badfic someday, something which makes her nervous.

One day while rereading the badfic, she fell through a pothole spawned by it, and ended up in the PPC, where she was soon assigned to the Department of Mary Sues. It is not known whether she had a partner or not for the little while before meeting Za'kiir, but she does not prefer to think about that.

She has not been able to keep in touch with her family that much, and fights homesickness by focusing on missions. She remembers having an older brother who was an avid video game player, with Skyrim being one of his favorites.

Career Highlights Edit

July 2015 Edit

  • She becomes partners with Za'kiir.
  • She embarks on her first mission with him.

September 2015 Edit

  • She and Za'kiir go to the Doctor Who continuum (one of her absolute favorites) for the first time.

December 2015 Edit

  • She helps Za'kiir to celebrate Christmas for the first time.

April 2016 Edit

  • In which Natalie witnesses a scary darker side to her partner as one of his favorite fandoms is Sueified.

May 2016 Edit

  • In which the duo head into the Jacksonverse for the first time to deal with a stuck-up goddess.

June 2016 Edit

  • In which the duo deal with a Werewolf!Harry Potter and get more than they bargained for.
  • In which Natalie declares herself to no longer be homophobic.

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Partnered with Za'kiir Edit

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