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Narav is an agent in the Department of Mary Sues.


Narav is an eight foot tall Canim—essentially, a massive, bipedal wolfman from Codex Alera. His coat is dark grey with scars along his arms. He wears Sue-skin almost all the time, and will make almost anything out of skin in return for blood. He is a bloodspeaker, a mage whose magic uses blood to do most everything—bring fertility to fields, call down lightning, or create a massive cloud over a country that prevents anyone from flying up.


Narav is relatively easygoing when compared to his partner, Agent Lana. He has a rather formal way of speaking, and rarely raises his voice. Narav enjoys going down to the Nursery and playing with the children, although the times when he can do so are sadly rare.

Agent History[]

It isn't known how Narav came to the PPC. All he will tell anyone is that he didn't come from a badfic, and had joined a few months before meeting Lana. The two met when Lana became stranded in an Escher Room after a reality-warping experiment that threw her into Headquarters. Narav was responsible for explaining the situation to her, and they later became partners.


  • Interlude: "Travels"
    • You know those stories where a pretty, young bodyguard works for a bad boss, but finds out he secretly has a heart of gold? This is not one of those stories. In other news, how Agent Lana came to the PPC.