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Naomi is a human female in the Department of Mary Sues.

Agent Profile[]

Naomi works in the Naruto anime fandom, and sometimes wonders what she has done to deserve Drake as a partner. Originally she did not like being with him, and although he has started to grow on her, his naïvety and general cluelessness still get on her nerves. She has taken up backpack training, wherein she smacks Drake with her backpack whenever he tries to do something inappropriate. This occurs a lot.

As a veteran agent, Naomi has seen many things, and has a hatred for the Suethors who make her do this job. Ironically, she was a Suethor who later reformed. Her hatred stems from the fact that most of them seem to not get constructive criticism and continue to plague canon with their Sues.

She prefers long range combat and poisons. This makes her the perfect counterpart for the close-combat obsessed Drake, although she will be the last to admit it.

Mission Reports[]

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Partnered with Drake[]

February 2006
Summer 2007
  • "We sued to be normal" (Naruto), Naomi with Miss Kit
    • Drake is put out of action with a Sue bite after "Of Agents and Sues: The Marlfoxes," so Naomi works with Miss Kit of the Official Naruto Fanfiction University.
December 2007
April 2008