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Agent Najash Lelipi is an Alternian from the Homestuck universe, known colloquially as a troll. (No, not that kind of troll.) He fell into Headquarters from a plothole caused by a game glitch in his session of Sgrub.

Agent ProfileEdit


Najash has grey skin, yellow eyes, fangs, and two graduated orange, lazy-corkscrew-like horns on top of his head. Naturally, this makes him rather terrifying to anyone who is not used to meeting non-humans. His blood is deep green, as would be obvious by the color of the symbol on his shirt (naturally).


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Najash is VERY FORGETFUL and JUST A LITTLE BIT CLUMSY. He enjoys WARMTH and taking NAPS with his lusus. He wants to become a CAPOEIRASSASSIN, or a practitioner of the ancient troll art of DANCE MURDER. Unfortunately, his lanky frame and inherent clumsiness mean that he is NOT VERY GOOD AT IT. He enjoys FIXING THINGS but is easily DISTRACTED, so his response center is AN ABSOLUTE MESS all the time due to the plethora of broken and half-fixed objects scattered about. He is an AWFUL PROGRAMMER, but technology seems to DO WHAT HE WANTS anyway. His STRIFE SPECIBUS is WRENCHKIND. He has MILD PSIONIC POWERS that tend to only occasionally be useful.

He is generally polite and reserved but has a VERY SHORT TEMPER FUSE when dealing with stupidity. Perhaps this is not the best job for him.

His trolltag is unseenUltimatum and he tends to ~~ zpeak in a rezerved manner,, and many ov hiz "s"ez are replaced with Zs and terminal "f"z with Vz

~~ final punctuation iz not added unlezz he iz feeling particularly ~zpirited~ for zome reazon or another,, and when it iz prezent, it''z doubled !!

When he speaks aloud, his Ss are a little sharp and buzzy and some of the edges on his words sound harsh — perhaps it is all those fangs getting in the way. Trolls sure are weird!


  • Watch this space. Some wacky shenanigans are sure to appear.
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