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Naergondir is an Elf in the Special Interdepartmental Elven Languages Unit. He is written by Zingenmir.

Agent Profile[]


Naergondir and Gurnirel are in RC 1500, also known as the Community Garden RC. It is reported to have quite a colorful history, even having been burnt down during the Reorganisation for an extensive contact high. Nowadays, however, it is a proper garden, with nary a weed in sight.


Naergondir is a Noldorin Elf from the First Age of Middle-earth. Because he has seen the light of the Two Trees in Valinor, his eyes are a bit shiny.

Naergondir is very tall, and has long dark hair in several small, intricate braids. He also wears a thin, star-like hairpiece.

Despite being at least Bishounen Standard by virtue of being an Elf, Naergondir does not consider himself a 'pretty-boy'.


Naergondir speaks in very formal tones, and appears at first glance to be rather stiff and serious. However, he appears to be gentle with children, like with Lainduilien and Muriel Shieh, and deeply caring of his friends.

He also is good at karaoke, preferring the melodies of "the fair Lady Spears" and "the Spice Maidens", though he does not think it right to sing "Wannabe" without Gurnirel.

He started watching The Untamed because of Jacques, but has yet to read the original book, Mo Dao Zu Shi, due to a lack of Quenya translations.


With Gurnirel[]

Naergondir and his partner Gurnirel are very close. He calls her Saileldë.

With Dawn McKenna[]

Naergondir and Dawn McKenna go shopping in New Cal.

Naergondir and Dawn are good friends. The two of them were seen talking about Dawn's family on the way back from PPTea.

With Christianne and Eledhwen[]

Naergondir used to work with Christianne and Eledhwen. Christianne calls him "David Beckham", to go with her nickname of "Posh Spice" for Gurnirel. She was also surprised to hear that Naergondir had started letting Jacques call him by a more personal name, "Meldaner".

Naergondir calls Eledhwen by her real name, Eithriel.

With Jacques Bonnefoy[]

Naergondir is close enough to Jacques to have given him the epessë "Vorindo", and to allow Jacques to call him "Meldaner". To be fair, the former is most likely because he could not pronounce the name "Jacques". Jacques is also responsible for getting Naergondir to watch The Untamed.