Agent Nadine (pronounced na-DEEN) Moreno is presumably from Earth, or an earth-like ‘verse. She is human, in her late twenties, of average height and weight, with straight brown hair that might be described as chestnut-colored if you were into that sort of description, and mucky hazel eyes. She's decent with most weapons thanks to basic training, a bit above-average with a gun and horribly incompetent with any kind of bow.

She's also a serial killer. Recruited after some sort of unspecified incident involving falling through portals, she, once again presumably, had the kind of personality and various disorders one would expect until another unspecified incident shortly after the first, which resulted in what at first appeared to be constant telepathy/empathy and was eventually discovered to be pretty much that, with the addition of her mind constantly trying to imitate the thoughts, emotions and general states of everyone else around her. Still more unfortunately, her mind doesn't always snap back when the people leave.

The only consistent parts of her personality, probably through luck as much as anything else, are a general indifference to loss of life and fairly severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, though she's beginning to become paranoid slightly faster than normal. High numbers of unspecified incidents aren't likely to be good for anyone's mental health.

Her new powers apparently led to her becoming marginally saner, but only after being in the presence of a certain kind of person who is rather rare in HQ. She is also unable to stand being in the presence of Flowers and other nonhumans with significantly different mental structure, and should be kept away from people who are unstable. This, of course, is why she's been partnered with a were-smilodon.

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